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Photo By Jim Mears


It is with great sadness that I must announce today that I am facing a difficult time in my life and that I am forced into early retirement.

I have had neuromuscular disease all my life. It greatly affected my life in every way; however, I was able to struggle through the situation and live a great and truly exciting life. I tried to hide my difficulties and did not tell people of my disease for the most part.

Back in 2015, I was having a very difficult time with my disease and began falling a lot. I decided to stop playing concerts until such time as I could get treatment or a cure. My last performance was in Traverse City, Michigan at the Cherry Festival with the band Foghat, playing I Just Wanna Make Love to You. At the time I did not think it would be my last show, as my desires and dreams are still quite alive and well, but the reality of the situation is quite different.

Cherry Festival 2015 Traverse City, Michigan Photo by Kevin O’Brien

What a great way to go out, jamming with my friends in front of a huge crowd and some of my family, including my mother, at an outdoor show beside Grand Traverse Bay. It was a beautiful warm summer night and one I will never forget. It was also one of my beloved friend Craig MacGregors last shows. His badass boogie bass playing is sorely missed. My friend and stage manager Jim Mears was also there, taking care of me as usual, so that I may have a chance to shine. I miss them both dearly.

Since that time, I have done everything in my power to help my health. I quit drinking alcohol and changed my diet completely. I did various forms of therapy twice a week. Still, I was falling frequently due to muscular disabilities.

Two years ago in May of 2021, I fell at my house and severely fractured my skull and had TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury. I bled in two places in my brain on both right and left sides. I barely made it through. I struggled to gain my abilities back, but my recovery fell short, and a full recovery is not possible.

I attempted to get back to work mixing in my studio, and while I managed to get a few things done, I am falling far short of being able to support myself. My abilities are diminishing. I am still playing guitar, when possible, but the inconsistency to which I have abilities is frustrating and impossible to run a business with. I have not had much income in years and my health care costs have been breathtaking.

It is now that I am forced into and early retirement. I had long planned to sell my guitar collection when I retired. Now, I must sell everything for my health care immediately. The equipment lists are on the Spherical Sound website. I am taking offers now on all the legendary gear I have collected over the decades of traveling and touring. There are guitars from Les Paul, Brad Whitford, Joe Perry, Charlie Huhn, Derek St. Holmes, and more. If you see something you would like, please contact me at [email protected].

I am fortunate to have been surrounded by people who loved and cared for me, helped me through, and gave me opportunities, and we shared great times. Looking back, I cannot believe what an insanely fun time it all was. It is a truly remarkable gift to be so lucky to have been invited to travel the world making music and making so many friends all over the planet. We had fun, is a huge understatement. We rocked till we dropped! We laughed until our bellies hurt.

I will miss the fun and adventure but will look back with great gratitude to everyone with a huge smile on my face. I cannot thank you all enough. And so, for now, it is Thank You and Good Night!

Photo By Linda Arcello-Earl

-Daniel Wentworth- 4/20/23